Gym Rules and Etiquette

Gym Rules

  • No shoes on the mat.
  • Wear shoes/jandals to the bathrooms
  • No food on the mats.
  • No single-use plastic water bottles. Please bring a pre-filled reusable bottle.
  • Wear a clean dry gi to class, and wash your gear (including belt!) after every training night.
  • Do not train with sickness or any skin infections.
  • Do not leave used finger tape or other trash in the gym.
  • Spectators/parents- please respect the instructors and leave coaching to the coaches.


BJJ Rolling (sparring) etiquette

  • Always respect your partner's tap, for any reason. Safety and trust are paramount to live training. 
  • Tap firmly on your partner's body and verbally shout "tap" if necessary. Tapping vaguely or quietly is an injury risk.
  • "Roll to improve not prove"
  • Adjust your sparring intensity appropriately with large differences in size, weight, strength, or experience.
  • Do not crank on joint submissions- apply submissions with control and always give an opportunity for your partner to tap.
  • Allowed submission rules-
    • White belts IBJJF submissions only (i.e. No kneebars, toeholds, slicers, heel hooks).
    • Coloured belts rolling with white belts must roll with white belt rules.
    • Coloured belts may roll with all submissions* with each other
    • *Heel hooks are allowed in nogi training only, with prior agreement between partners.
  • Slams are not allowed.


DAREDEVIL-specific etiquette

  • All members must check in before class at kiosk. 
  • Adult members- Coaches may be addressed by their name or "Coach". No need for 'professor' 'sensei' etc.
  • Kids are expected to address coaches as "Coach" or "Coach [name]".
  • Please sit with respect and listen during teaching.
  • During drilling time, do not stop drilling to rest and chat- stop when the coach indicates.
  • When the mat is busy, anyone not rolling that round should be helping ensure rolling groups are not colliding with each other.
  • We understand you may have to arrive late or leave early from class- letting the coach know beforehand would be appreciated. If arriving late, please come on to the mat as quickly as possible without disrupting the class.
  • You may wear any brand of gi or gi patches (barring anything offensive) as long as gi top and bottom are not mismatched. Daredevil related patches and gear are optional (though encouraged!)
  • Nogi attire- shorts must be without zips or pockets. Men please wear shorts over any spats.
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